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Rules of the library usage

Library regulations:

The librarian teacher is resident in the school library from 8-to 16 hours / except Friday then from 12-to 15 hours.

From 8-to 12 hours happen the enrichment and maintenance of library stock, library research, school contact keeping. as a job task keeping the library closed.

Lending: Monday-Thursday, 12-16, on Friday 12-15

1. The library users:

The school library can visit the students, the teachers, the administrative and technical staff of the school. The registering and use of services are free of charge.

The student –and ceasing of employment relationship may happen only after putting the possible debts to rights.

Library use way and conditions:

Use on the spot:

Among the library’s documents can only be used on the spot:

–          A part of reading room ,reference library collection

–          Special collections ( journals, AV materials  and so on )

The teachers may loan the documents that can only used on the spot for a lesson, in justified case for a period between the closing and opening.


Any documents from library can be taken only with librarian teacher’s knowledge.

The rental period of books is 2 weeks. In the first 1, in the second class2, in the third class 3, in upper classes maximum 4 books can be rented at the same time.

The readers are obliged to compensate the lost or heavily damaged documents with a perfect copy or with other book that is necessary for the library. Documents can be booked that are in lending.  The reader’s needs that can not be fulfilled in justifiable case can be performed from external source.

Use in group:

The librarian teacher may do lessons for classes, learning groups, study circles teachers and form teachers may hold lessons. The library premises can not be used for timetable-based teaching and / or meetings because they may hinder the functioning of the library.

Other services:

For the learners use of internet is allowed only for study-related working. Materials from the outside must not be applied to computer.

To print and make photocopies may be only in justified case with the permission of the librarian teacher. Each user is obliged to take care of equipment and software status. Each user pays fine for damaged books.

The school library may place depository collection in classrooms, in day-care rooms, in study room.