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Our library services

The school library is open every school day. For the member of library (students and employees of the school) services are free of charge. On the spot use, lending and group use are guaranteed.

A) Library field, library scene

  • Place of source based lessons, where  students learn methods of self-study and information search and use
  • Place of library use lessons
  • Meaningful pastime for everyone waiting for bus and afternoon lessons
  • Community space
  • Place of cultural programs
  • Place of learning

B) Information

  • Monitoring of professional and study applications
  • Monitoring of professional press, make recommendatory for professional community
  • Place to ensure publicity of operating basic documents

C) Ensure of documents

  • For lessons
    • Dictionaries, task collections in large numbers
    • Illustrative tools for lessons
    • Preparing for the lesson
      • Internet resources ( methodology, informative works, specialized books, CD-s, DVD-s, internet)
      • Tools ( photocopier, computer)
      • Resources and tasks for differentiation, talent development
      • For learning
        • Lending of compulsory and recommended reading
        • For compulsory and voluntary task resources and help
        • Course book lending ( free course book, lasting book)
        • For project work, study competition resource and tool

D) Development of information literacy education to become readers

  • For this purpose to organise library lessons, programs
  • Support  colleagues with ideas , worksheets

E) Electronic services

  • Multilingual, interactive library website
    • Library news
    • actualities
    • cultural, community content
    • knowledge of library use
    • reading popularizing programs
    • local history
    • photo Album
    • Web 2.0  services
    • Siren date base
      • Within 24 hours available electronic data base
      • online lending, reservation