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Storage system

In the library the books can be found on the open shelves according to the shelf list. The shelf list determines the place of books in the library with numbers and letters. This shelf list appears on the spine and on the front page of the book.

The mark of literary works is a single row.

The so-called „ Cutter- number consists of a letter and a two-digit number

The letter is the first letter of the author or of the title, the two-digit number shows within the order of the letters.

E.g. the roman poet’s anthology has got a shelf list R 80, Ady works A 25

The works of epistemology can be found in a special order namely the literature of individual disciplines is placed next to each other. This special order is formed using the Universal Decimal Classification. On the shelves little „ears” assist in orientation on which can be read number shelf marks and those wording with words.

The works of epistemology stock shelf mark has got a two-line. The upper row is a three-digit number which is stated on the basis of the Universal Decimal Classification’s specialized sign. The lower row is an alphabetical shelf mark within this three –digit number.

Some basic rules of library classification in alphabetical order

1.We do not distinguish short vowels from long vowels, they are identical.

E.g.a=á; o=ó

2. Digraph or multidigit consonants are interpreted as the letter

E.g. cs = c + s            exception „s”and „sz” consonants

3. The authors’name with the same family name are classified in alphabetical order on the basis of their forename.

E.g. Nagy István, Nagy László, Nagy Mária

4. In the case of foreign author the family name must be placed ahead.

e. g. Nöstlinger, Christine

5. In the title of the book we don’t take definite article into consideration.

 Pl.      Bálnák és delfinek       A téli tücsök meséi      Vulkánok

6. The books by the same author can be classified in alphabetical order on the bases of the title’s book. .

Pl. Csukás István: Ágacska    Keménykalap és krumpliorr   Süsü, a sárkány

Hungarian ABC       Library ABC