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About the project

The project aims to help the quality education with formal and informal possibilities of the library, developing reading and digital competences. We want to support the process of knowledge acquisition with developing of e-services implemented in the application, with librarian teacher training and with programs to promote reading and library use. During the program and its result the numbers of active library users are expected to grow who for the sake of life-long learning will possess the necessary information search strategies.


In the application implemented activities



2 occasions: Literary readership –We plan processing of literary works in the camps with the participant groups supplemented with costume-making, puppet-making, drama games and puppetry

1 occasion: Enviromental readership– This camp is planed in order to develop enviromentally conscious behavior, with senzitizer community games and handicraft from recyclable and natural materials

1 occasion:„ Local-value „ camp– This day-care centre- type local knowledge camp is organised in the school library in order to become acquainted with the local values of the city. The library research work is followed by visits to local attractions whereby the students take photos. The compiled material about local values will be published on the library website and whitin a brochure.



“Letters eater” – This is a 3+1 (oral) rounds reading comprehension urban competition which we would like to realise with other city schools together in order to promote reading. At the end of the competition the best may take part in an oral decisive.

 ” Read in order to understand each other!” – The three rounds correspondence competition for library use is organised for a special school students in order to promote reading.



“Read by playing!” –  The four thematic activities for literary use are planned with games on board for third-fourth grade students. This program is realized by adapting a methodological program from Somogyi Library, Szeged

 Taletrain” –By the four thematic reading popularizing library activities the first and second grade students may go to different areas. According to their interest the children can get to the land of fairies,, land of dragons, country of witches and pirates.


 Talebox” – Scenic processing of literary works which are in the library catalogue make we available to students.

 „Writer- reader meeting –Personal conversation, interactive activity, direct meeting with well-known writers

Forming library website in Hungarian Esperanto, German and English

The planned programs are group activities to be implemented that allows for students with special needs and/ or multiply disadvantaged students to take part in the program .These students have a chance getting through in the information society by learning search techniques and conscious use of library

A complex competence development is realized with the planned activities of the project: development of native speaker competence, effective self-directed learning, digital competence, artistic aesthetic awareness, social competence, initiative, scientific competence.

The information becomes available for the students they are interested in through the learned strategies and active library use. The camps and activities popularizing library use encourage students to feel free to touch the books and get information processing skill.